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Poor communication and lack of money are painful symptoms commonly found in organizations where leadership is struggling. There is a solution.

The CEO Code shows you how to create a great company and inspire your people to greatness with advice from an experienced executive. You will discover how to design, develop and deliver a masterpiece, personally and professionally.

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“This powerful, practical book is full of proven ideas and strategies to help you get better results than ever before.” --- Brian Tracy, Author, “How The Best Leaders Lead”

“THE CEO CODE is the book every executive, program manager, team leader, and executive assistant needs to have on their bedstand or in their desk drawer. David Rohlander--fighter pilot, seasoned executive, successful entrepreneur, management coach, and practical philosopher--writes with rare insight and empathy, drawing together gripping personal examples, real-world case studies, lessons learned over a lifetime of executive experiences and practical tips that anyone aspiring to a leadership position should know. Senior readers will finish this outstanding book wishing they had it when they began their careers. Those starting out will find that it will become a constant and reliable companion, their appreciation for its wisdom and its remarkable author increasing over the years.” --- Dr. Richard P. Hallion, aerospace historian, consultant, and retired Air Force Senior Executive, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_P._Hallion


“THE CEO CODE is an excellent guide, handbook and 21st century tool to move your leadership to higher levels. David’s three areas of focus; Communication, Execution and Operations, are exactly what is needed now for any leader. Keep this book handy, refer to it often and you will see long term ROI for you and the people you are leading.” --- Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel, Best Selling Author, “A New Breed Of Leader”

“THE CEO CODE is right on the mark. It is an effective and practical guide to improving your performance that will help you reflect and think about changes you should make. Fun to read, you will learn new ways to achieve better results.” --- Donald Natenstedt, Regional Managing Partner - West Region, McGladrey LLP, www.mcgladrey.com 

“Organizations that have CEOs and leaders with vision, compassion and great communication skills always have an edge on their competition. As a former CEO I know how my behavior and open communication influenced what employees and stakeholders understood and believed. David Rohlander has experienced the value of communication in his multi faceted career and lays out a flight plan that breaks it down into manageable pieces for success.” --- Howard Putnam, Former CEO Southwest Airlines, Speaker & Author: "The Winds of Turbulence”

“It is rare, indeed, for the author to be a living example of using his own attributes as affirmation that a successful life embraces MORE than talent. David Rohlander exemplifies those attributes and shares them with clarity and relevance in this fresh insight book.” --- Bob Danzig, former CEO, Hearst Newspapers, Author, Hall of Fame Speaker

“If you follow David's advice and make good, new habits…make sure that one of them is reading this book – again and again.” --- Jon Goodman, PhD, President, Town Hall Los Angeles

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